Tamara Orjola


Colour of daylight


There are 3 very important moments happening with light and colors during the day. In the early morning, just before the sunrise you can observe how calm and lifeless the landscape is. There is There is no movement, everything seems static and timeless. There is no motion, differentiation in color, volumes or distances, everything is so quiet and in these sense dead. The power of the light reaches its climax in the midday, killing every color with its brightness, overexposing image by blinding us.

I could compare behavior of light with music: first there is a silence, and then music comes progressing in to powerful culmination and again completely disappearing. Light is a creator but also a destroyer. We would not be able to experience color without the incidence of light. Sunlight represents a dynamic that effects our impression of color because as the sun moves across the sky the quality of its light will change with every moment of the day.

This observation I translated in to 3rd dimension.





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